Chasten Whitfield is a 17 year old angler who loves to fish. Her mission is to change lives of disadvantaged kids through fishing.

When Chasten is asked why she does this for kids her face lights up and her reply is “to make amazing memories of a day that they might have never experienced”.

Her dream started when Chasten saw, on TV, pictures of suffering children caused by hurricane Katrina. She brought her mom her piggy bank and said she wanted to give it to the babies on TV. Her mom took her to the local Red Cross and they contributed her pennies to the kids who were victims of the hurricane. Her helping children didn’t stop there. It was only the beginning.

Over the next few years she had lemonade stands and arranged yearly garage sales. She donated all of the proceeds to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. She raised $9,000 for St Jude. She loved to fish and fished with her parents every chance she could get on the water.

But in Middle School, she was teased for being the only girl in school who liked to fish. This only made her want to fish more and become skilled enough to enter and win tournaments . She fished in many charity tournaments and won. Each time she won a tournament, she would give the prize money back to the charity. Now she was again doing what she loved, helping those less fortunate in life.

By her freshman year in high school she had a 4 girl team who fished together, they entered tournaments won, and again donated the money back to the charities.

During the Summer of 2015 Chasten was teaching a summer fishing camp for kids . She met Easton who is a little boy restricted to a wheel chair . He had never caught a fish before but by the end of the day he was doing donuts in his wheelchair and yelling I caught a fish, I caught a fish", he was catching snapper after snapper.

Easton couldn’t go fishing in a boat because of his wheelchair, so Chasten set out to change that. After taking Easton fishing in her friends boat, she talked to the owners of YELLOW FIN, a top of the line boat manufacturer. They listened to her story and designed a boat that would fit a small child’s wheel chair comfortably.

“Easton’s first fish” was the beginning of another era in the life of Chasten Whitfield and her many special kids. She had helped make the amazing memories of a day the kids went fishing and worried about nothing but having fun. Chasten now travels the State of Florida sharing her message and encouraging kids to remember: “You have two hands, one of them to help yourself and one to help someone else.”



IGFA Certified my 178 lb tarpon…but…it won’t go on the books as a World Record because I didn’t buy a kill tag & weigh it on a scale. I wouldn’t do that. It was a rainy & cloudy day, a day I will never forget – the most amazing fight with the most amazing fish! We did all the measurements and calculations. Fishing with Nick DiMare & Seth Walter I set out to beat a 129lb tarpon to beat the current world record title, which I sure did!. Although I chose not kill a fish for a “title”, I still caught a 178lb fish – a world record in my world.



Reel Time with Florida Sportsman is back on the big screen for its third season! For the premiere episode, Chasten Whitfield, 14, puts Capt. George Gozdz on an inshore bite that he’ll never forget, along the shores of Cortez, Florida. From perfectly throwing a cast net to landing an “inshore slam,” Chasten shows Capt. George her undeniable passion for all things fishing. News Channel 10 comes out to talk to Chaz while she fights a 150 lb tarpon for 90 mins


Impressed with the work Chasten Whitfield is doing, Captain Tom Rowland & Captain Rich Tudor invite her down to fish in the Keys and head out into Florida Bay to catch Permit and Sharks.

George Poveromo's World of Saltwater Fishing 2017

Chasten Whitfield Fishing with George Poveromo caught sailfish on 12 lb line.